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我的名字是Robert,现在招募有关工作记忆的实验参与者,实验里有用到中文,所以我需要来自中国的朋友来参与我的实验。这个实验不难,并且非常有趣。实验时长仅半小时,即使做得慢也不会超过四十分钟。你可以获得7欧的报酬。. ?# l! l( g  D
- u( X1 \! n' @" V) d
实验地址: Leopoldstr.13, Lab 3131, 80802 慕尼黑。
6 E( \, F% h( p. W* w

6 t; q7 q$ F, W: U( q% B( p+ R对参与者的要求:
) q, Z1 T: y- V* J6 E9 B1、有正常视力或正常矫正视力2 D0 i! m" g6 F+ @
$ e/ {( k+ F1 i# E- R3、无神经系统疾病,如抑郁等0 z( v3 d- U; k/ ^% I4 o2 e
4、年龄在18 至 45 岁之间( Z3 R# a2 H1 c+ Y0 `0 }2 }
5、在过去的 7 天没有参与过我的实验。, s. l7 H; D& f! x) y+ y* a2 G( ^

' S6 j" @, j6 J' a6 g
' s+ B& x1 @! ?4 J- w如果你符合参与条件并有兴趣参与,请通过电子邮件告诉我
: w, }! A  {/ G# P9 h. R

6 `& T0 j: Z( m5 X2 [! Q) S, s你可以在9月7日9:00-19:30之间,或者下周(9月13-17日) 17:30-19:30之间选择一个适合你的时间。(实验时长<40分钟)4 ~1 m$ K) ^! q0 M$ k' Z. C
* g" J+ ~3 ]% J& ~' _
9 d4 T* D% y! h9 R2 O
7 r" ^7 x' x2 [9 x. @Invitation to Working Memory Experiment, z* N; x+ Q  R9 J" v
4 G7 O* [/ ?$ C$ f4 {; p
To whom it may concern,
6 Y- r8 w! s0 C/ ^! ]
/ T' i6 J9 I7 O$ cthank you for your interest in our working memory experiment. The aim of this experiment is to better understand how our working memory capacity works, using computer-based behavioral methods.9 B; {" l1 J! @" ?3 E9 {# G  \' N
* d; M8 x6 y. m
This experiment takes on average 30-40 minutes and will be rewarded by either 0,75 Vph or 7 Euros." V; H1 s1 x; f/ B# ^

& [- C- o9 V: xThe experiment will take place in our lab at the LMU, Leopoldstr. 13 (room 3131 -> house 3, 1st floor, room 31).8 @8 p; y# f/ g
, Z, {  Z% y( L) }0 v/ r
Main prerequisite:3 w+ d, y' U9 r# A) w0 y- y0 B
-in order to participate you must be a native Chinese speaker and be able to read Chinese characters2 V2 J1 \7 s) L; T- Q
7 g, z: m3 `* u9 [' p/ V; C  c
Other prerequisites:
) o6 G5 c% O  p4 M$ n! m" w-in order to participate you must be between 18 and 45 years of age,9 u* d" J* b4 r4 S3 \
-have normal or corrected vision" b$ ]9 G% d) i) v
-come sober and have no neurological or acute psychiatric disorders, e. g. depression, L$ l2 u8 b9 a' Q! ~
4 l; T( A% p4 \
Covid-19 Precautions:
+ {" R& l. a. ?4 E$ \-come with a FFP2/FFP3 mask
; _9 J9 W/ K) M' i/ K8 I8 ~-do not come if you tested positive for Covid-19& s1 Q1 h' V6 K
-do not come when you feel sick, even if you tested negative for Covid-19
3 K6 f/ R4 c1 s4 b/ p- }-do not come if recently you have been in close contact with someone who contracted Covid-19# h7 D8 Q4 i6 G9 B, \8 F4 v

3 j+ Q0 U( ?, m! ~7 B2 S7 vOur lab follows the hygiene guidelines of the LMU dept. of Psychology, therefore only one participant can come per time slot, a professional aircleaner will run during the entire experiment, and before and after each participant the lab will get disinfected.
0 U* E+ Q8 ?% K, |# u6 a' ?& V; g# X5 U9 f$ G
If you match the prerequisite-criteria above and are interested in participating, please send me an eMail (, so we can make an appointment.9 B" \# |2 X: z* ^4 Q% {' n
5 m3 ^2 t4 |' L# W0 j$ t  q7 j
Ideally, in your initial eMail you can already suggest two possible dates you could come the upcoming week 7.-10. Sep between 9:00-19:30 or next week 13.-17. Sep from 17:30-19:30.
. i  f3 N0 X( k. ]6 A3 V2 q
1 i, o. i% S6 d. }6 ?8 T, FKind regards,6 ]* b& h% f3 L. d0 I; B
Robert Rozek & PD Dr. Markus Conci2 s. h/ V+ Y1 L, w& s
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